Our priority is to care for the whole family offering a full range of cover with all children being made to feel welcome

A preventive approach is vital to reduce the need for active treatment - to this end we have a team of hygienists providing preventive care and advice.

Oral cancer screening - Another of our important tasks is to always be on the lookout for abnormal pathology so we carry out routine checks at the examination appointment. Patients should not be nervous of this fact but should be reassured that any problems spotted early have a very high chance of successful treatment.

Tooth coloured fillings - There is now quite a choice using the latest materials. These can be discussed in detail at your visit.

Cosmetic dentistry - Advances in modern dentistry now allow the potential for considerable improvement in your smile and overall appearance - this can include the use of Veneers, Crowns & Bridges.

Sympathetic approach for the nervous or anxious. We know and truly believe this can make all the difference in providing an environment conducive to successful treatment.

Intra-oral digital camera - once you have had the opportunity to see inside your mouth on screen with our latest up to date camera you will find everything both interesting and much easier to understand.

Computer assisted dental animations - aid in the explanation and comprehension of treatment options.

Partial and Complete dentures - a part of dentistry that is both an art and a science. Good, comfortable dentures which are a pleasure to use are never easy to produce; but we have many years of experience and use skilled technicians to aid us in the task.

Dental schemes available. We have our own dental scheme - 'The Maycroft Dental Care Plan'. This allows you to spread out the costs of dental care and also offers both out-of-hours and accident insurance. To see more information about our plan please click here for the full details. In addition DENPLAN, Corporate BUPA and CIGNA are available. Richard is one of the very few accredited BUPA dentists in the area.

Private and NHS dental treatment available

Emergency cover provided by ourselves - we are proud of the fact that we cover our own patients ourselves and do not use a deputising service. This means you can be sure we know you and will understand your problems so that you can be confident that you will be well looked after.

Orthodontic care - we carry out regular assessments and refer to specialist orthodontists who offer a high standard of care and treatment.

• When a specialist referral is needed we have built up a network of highly qualified, well respected experts of whom we are confident.