Winter 2003

Re-furbishment and Staff
We have almost completed our re-furbishment program and hope you approve of the overall improvement in the practice décor and facilities. We have had many favourable comments about the pictures and also ‘Nessie’, who seems to appeal to all ages. We are pleased that Angharad Rees has agreed to stay on with us and is now working in the surgery behind the waiting room.

‘The Maycroft Dental Care Plan’ – available for those who want it
We are all excited about the introduction of our in-house independent scheme called ‘The Maycroft Dental Care Plan’. You choose the type of cover you would prefer. You can have your regular six monthly examinations, hygiene and associated x-rays covered, or you can include most other treatment too. A UK and worldwide accident and emergency cover and an emergency ‘out of hours’ cover is also included. Payment would be on a regular monthly direct debit, which would allow you to spread the cost in a convenient way, making dentistry more affordable to all. For more details, have a look at our Maycroft Dental Care Plan brochure in reception. If you would like to join the plan please mention it to your dentist or one of the receptionists.

Car Parking
The only spaces available for you to use at the rear of this building are those within the painted blue boundary line. As we only have limited space, please use the local side roads or the car park off Brewery Road. Parking vouchers are needed when using the local side roads and can be purchased at the reception desk for immediate use or can be kept for future visits. If you are parking behind the Practice, please be careful not to cause damage to other cars when opening your car door.

We now have the ability to set up direct debit payments to allow you to spread out the cost of more involved and complicated treatments.

Hygienist visits
More and more of our patients see the hygienist on a regular basis and are able to appreciate first hand the benefits from these visits. However, for those who have not experienced a visit to the hygienist, it is worth remembering that in the long-term more teeth are lost through gum problems than tooth decay. The process of gum inflammation and bone loss is caused by the build up of plaque, which if left on the tooth surface then hardens and becomes calculus. This build up can occur both above and below the gum level, the latter being considerably more difficult to reach with a toothbrush. The hygienist has many roles; but she mainly:

• Removes the build up of calculus – especially under the gum in the spaces known as ‘periodontal pockets’. Calculus and plaque, particularly in these areas, causes damage to the bone around the teeth.

• Demonstrates how you can improve your own brushing skills, particularly cleaning the regions between the teeth that are almost impossible to reach with just a toothbrush. It is worth remembering that the correct technique is thorough but gentle. Too harsh a technique can lead to excessive wear and sensitivity.

We appreciate all comments that help us improve our service to you. We all try hard but are aware we are unlikely to please all our patients all the time. If you experience a problem or have a request do discuss this with your own dentist or use the ‘suggestions box’ situated at the reception desk.