Summer 2003

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter

The contents are hopefully interesting and informative and generally include items about the practice on a range of dental issues. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to be included in future. Most of our staff have been with us for a long time, are well known by many of you and valued highly. Both Angharad Rees, a young caring dentist and Tricia a qualified dental nurse, joined us last August. We have also since added Shirley, from Scotland, to our team of hygienists. Penny has taken on the role of Practice Manager, and will always try to help deal with any concerns.

The problems with the limited car parking here at Maycroft seem to be improving. Hopefully the increased use of the local side roads or the car park at Brewery road is helping. Just a reminder that the limited number of spaces immediately at the rear of our building are the only ones available for you to use. You may wish to purchase a parking voucher and keep it in your car for future use. These can be obtained from our receptionist.

We are quite often asked what to do in case of an accident. By the time a child is twelve years of age, up to 30% will have suffered some kind of damage to their teeth. Knowing what to do in an accident can make a huge difference to the long-term effects. Using a mouthguard during all contact sports is sensible. Here is a guide as to the action you can take.

• If a tooth is knocked out: time is of the essence. If possible replace the tooth in its socket within an hour. Hold the tooth by the crown, never the root. If possible try and place it gently back into the socket. If not, ask the injured person to hold the tooth in their cheek, or place it in milk. Come to the practice immediately.

• If a tooth is broken or chipped: Put any pieces in water – it is possible that they could be used to help repair the tooth. Call for advice. If the damage is bad you will probably need to be seen quickly; if minor and little or no pain a scheduled appointment should be fine.

• Loose tooth: Contact us urgently if this has suddenly occurred following an accident. We may let it tighten up on its own, we may be able to splint it or we may advise its removal.

• Cut lip or tongue: Apply pressure to stop or slow bleeding. If it doesn’t stop or the wound is severe call us or go to the hospital A&E.

Our practice now operates a telephone reminder service of forthcoming appointments. We generally telephone anyone with an appointment with a hygienist approx. one week prior to their appointment and anyone with a long appointment with their dentist (30 minutes or longer) the day before. We do not always guarantee to get through so please do not use this as your sole reminder. It would be very helpful if you would make sure that we have a suitable telephone number – preferably one that takes messages if you are unable to answer in person. We strongly advise you to always take an appointment card and to bring it with you at each visit. In this way, you are able to show us exactly which appointment you have been given. If you need to cancel or change an appointment we would request that you give as much warning as possible; and a minimum of 24 hours to avoid the risk of a late cancellation charge which we reserve the right to make if we are unable to re-appoint that time slot.

As most people are aware, there is a steady increase in the amount of private dentistry being provided, both generally and in this practice. We would certainly like to reassure you that the costs are always kept reasonable and competitive; more time is given, better materials and techniques are used and our aim is always to produce excellent results. We will always do our best to make sure you know exactly what treatment is being given and the costs incurred. Please ask for clarification at any stage if there is anything that you are uncertain about. We really do want you to be pleased with all the care you receive – from your initial visit through to the completion of treatment.