Spring 2003

Welcome to our web site and our forth newsletter.

Charity Cycle

We are always pleased to act as a team for the benefit of the local community. One of the most rewarding events was to take part in the Woking Bikeathon. Most of our dental team, with partners, took part and were successful in raising several hundred pounds for charity. A special thank you for all those taking part and to those patients who generously sponsored us.

How often should you attend?

Sometimes we are asked about the frequency of attending for examinations or hygienist visits. It is important to realise that the time interval may vary widely from person to person. Those with a high rate of tooth decay or gum problems should attend regularly – perhaps every six months for the dentist and three months for the hygienist. Others may only need to see the dentist annually and the hygienist only rarely. It is worthwhile remembering however that when your mouth is examined an oral cancer check is performed, which can allow us to spot this sort of problem in the most dentally perfect individual. Also, more teeth are lost long term from gum problems, rather than tooth decay, and this can be present when there are very few obvious signs and symptoms.

Painless injections

One of the newest developments in the dental field is a computerised pain-free injection system. This may well sound too good to be true. However, we agreed to have the device on trial and were astonished to find it lived up to its name. We have now purchased one and are able to offer it to those individuals who find injections a concern. Please ask your dentist if you want to know more about its use.

We always appreciate feedback and ask you to let us know about any aspects of your care you feel we would benefit from knowing about. We are very pleased that so many of our patients have been coming here for so long. We really do think of many of you as an extended ‘family’ and sincerely hope the care and treatment given justifies your long-term loyalty that so many of you generously show to us at Maycroft.