Summer 2002

In April the Dentists and Staff here at Maycroft Dental Care Centre took part in the ‘Woking Bikeathon’. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us individually or as a team as we raised approximately £600 for charity. All those who took part had a great day and were pleased that the weather was kind – the rain keeping off until we had all finished!

We are in the process of increasing the availability of our hygienists, which we hope will offer more choice and less delay in this important part of our overall care. We always try to keep any delay, in the waiting room, to a minimum and appreciate your understanding if this occurs. We hope the greater variety of quality magazines has been noticed and helps on the rare occasions a delay is unavoidable.

Our current refurbishment program continues and our downstairs rear surgery has now been modernised and re-equipped. We have appreciated your understanding for any inconvenience caused during this time.

We have recently obtained leaflets produced by the British Dental Association, which cover a very wide range of topics. These allow us to provide detailed information for you to take home and read at your leisure. Please ask us if there is any dental subject you would like to know more about, as it is likely that there will be a relevant leaflet available. Alternatively there is no doubt that the Internet provides an excellent way to obtain information. You can either connect on to our web site and use our ‘link’ page or use one of the many search engines. Although it is fair to say that there is always a risk that you can be overloaded with detail, or find unrepresentative sites, the extra information will always be of use. Please feel free to discuss anything that you find this way, if you wish to hear our perspective on it.

One of the questions often asked is, ‘What is the best way to reduce tooth decay?’ The answer is to reduce the number of sugar attacks per day to a minimum. This particularly means not snacking between meals and preferably drinking only water or milk. It is also vital to clean teeth effectively as this reduces the level of plaque (a mixture of bacteria and food debris) and so minimises the amount of damaging acid produced. It is often a surprise to read that the best time to brush effectively is before, not after, a meal. The plaque levels can therefore be reduced prior to eating, thus minimising the amounts of harmful acid produced during that meal. Afterwards, a general rinse with water followed by swishing with a fluoride mouthrinse is probably best. The fluoride will help to reverse any decay and produce a hardened tooth surface.

Sometimes the choice or alternatives available for a specific dental problem, may appear bewildering. The practice is very aware that there may often be balance between the quality and cost of treatments. We will always strive to be open about the choice of treatments available, and provide treatment plans with associated charges. Please ask about this if you have any concerns or need any details clarified.