Spring 2006

Customer Care
We have recently completed further staff training in this vital area. We appreciate how important it is for all those visiting Maycroft to be given the highest standards of care and attention. There is a questionnaire available which we would appreciate if you could complete and return.

New Patients
We are currently taking on new patients, so if you wish us to see your family and friends, please take a ‘Practice Brochure’ from the reception desk with you. You may want to give the name of the dentist you see to the person you have recommended so that when booking an appointment they know who to ask for.

Seeing Children on the NHS
We will be continuing to see children under the NHS system. There have been stories in the press that after April 2006, when changes on the NHS take place, certain practices will no longer provide dental care for children on the NHS. This is not the case at Maycroft – care will continue as it has in the past.

‘The Maycroft Dental Care Plan’ – Cover for out of hours emergencies.
We have tailored our Maycroft Dental Care Plan to allow you to spread your routine costs by paying on a direct debit basis and provide comprehensive accident and emergency cover to include weekend call-out charges. In the past we have operated a no cost call-out service during out-of-hours which is no longer available following the government’s major changes to NHS dentistry. To provide an alternative safety net we suggest you consider ‘The Maycroft Dental Care Plan’. For further details, please take a leaflet or look at our web site under ‘Plan’

We have just completed our first year of having a fully integrated dedicated dental computer system. After the initial, rather painful, learning period things are now flowing more smoothly. One of the biggest benefits for our patients, is that we can send an e-mail reminder to you one week before any booked appointment and also send an e-mail invitation to you to make an examination appointment when it is due. If you would find this useful, please could you let us have details of your e-mail address and notify us of any changes as they occur.

We believe it is important that you know the likely cost of your course of dental treatment, as soon as it is possible to estimate this. Please always ask for details, or a written estimate if you wish to have one. A comprehensive price guide is available from our website.

Failed appointments and late cancellations
As we work on an appointment system we rely on keeping failed appointments and late cancellations to a minimum. If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know as soon as possible so that we can use the appointment for another patient on our waiting list. If you miss an appointment, or give less than thirty-six hours’ notice of having to cancel it, we may not be able to complete your treatment or may make a charge for the time wasted.