Poems inspired by visiting Maycroft

'Channelling' by A.P. Whittick:

Toppled backwards on a dentist's chair
Invisibly protected by a shawl of prayer
Out came the instruments - probes et al
Deep excavations to a root canal
Firstly the needle - drilling ensued
Minimal discomfort in the interlude
Eureka - finally cement goes on
Numbness easing on my lower gum
X-rays picturing a job well done
Checking in the mirror - nice one son


'A Midsummer Garden' by A.P. Whittick:

The thistles at Maycroft
Have blossomed in splendour
Nurturing bees with pollen and scent
And regal the diadems' velvety purple
Which draws to the eye
And the spirit's content

In the garden I ponder
Before my appointment
Awaiting the dentist to
Have my teeth checked
And calmness assuages
My nagging agenda
The tooth fracture fixed
By enamel cement

And there on the walls
Of the treatment room hanging
Hard-earned diplomas
From Guy's Hospital
Bespeaking in detail
Resolve and commitment
And modern techniques
For when gums become ill

The thistles at Maycroft
Have blossomed in splendour
The garden is ancient
The gardener skilled
The raindrops are falling
And cooling the landscape
Life can be pleasant
To be this fulfilled


'Ceramic Smiles' by A.P. Whittick:

The trouble with one's ivories
Is through neglect they ache and bleed
A nasty process most agree
From heaping sugar in the tea
And minus dental interaction:
Cavities and then extraction

Rejoice, there is the Maycroft Centre
And the team who craft a denture
Or a titillated tooth
Whilst we stay seated in the booth
And I can vouch for painless fillings
Gladly giving up my shillings
After all there is no gain
To sit at home and weep with pain

They're big on hygiene, care, cosmetic
Wise advice from sage prophetic
Centre Staff, who try so much
To offer one the tender touch
They've even earned some accolades
Well justified it must be said

If teething problems are encroaching
Abolish trawl of wider Woking
Richard Browne & Jennifer
(Married owners who confer)
Produce with skill and artistry
A smile-line that's a joy to see