Q. Help, I've knocked a tooth out:
A. Time is of the essence. If possible replace the tooth in its socket within an hour. Hold the tooth by the crown, never the root. If possible try and place it gently back into the socket. If not, ask the injured person to hold the tooth in their cheek, or place it in milk. Come to the practice immediately.

Q. If a tooth is broken or chipped:
A. Put any pieces in water - it is possible that they could be used to help repair the tooth. Call for advice. If the damage is bad you will probably need to be seen quickly; if minor and little or no pain a scheduled appointment should be fine.

Q. Loose tooth:
A. Contact us urgently if this has suddenly occurred following an accident. We may let it tighten up on its own, we may be able to splint it or we may advise its removal.

Q. I've cut my lip or tongue:
A. Apply pressure to stop or slow bleeding. If it doesn't stop or the wound is severe call us or go to the hospital A&E.